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MISSION: To provide premier financial analysis support to AFLCMC organizations.


MISSION: To provide credible decision support through objective analysis. 


MISSION: To set the standard for financial management excellence by recruiting and retaining top talent, executing recognition and training programs, providing decision support and devising effective resource management solutions maximizing career development opportunities across a 1,500+ workforce.


Kathryn J. Sowers, a member of the Senior Executive Service, is Director of Financial Management and Comptroller for the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC), Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC), Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Ms. Sowers is responsible for training and equipping 1,647 financial personnel, as well as advice and oversight regarding funds management worth $166 billion across some 77 locations. She assists in policy formulation, interpretation, and implementation, providing executive supervision with regard to budget execution and centralized cost estimating management; influencing over 3,000 programs/projects valued in excess of $975 billion.

Ms. Sowers began her financial career in 1984 at Wright-Patterson AFB. In September 1990, she moved to Washington DC, where she served in the Pentagon as the Air Force Cost Analysis Improvement Group Chair. In 1995, Ms. Sowers returned to Wright-Patterson AFB where she led the Earned Value Management Division and held CFO positions in Training Aircraft and Reconnaissance Programs before career broadening in 2002 to Program Management. Ms. Sowers served as the C-17 Deputy Director, C-5 RERP Director and Deputy Program Executive Officer (PEO) for ISR/SOF.


Financial Management Directorate 
Commercial Phone: 937-255-5917
Email: AFLCMC.FM.FZ.Workflow@us.af.mil