Mission: Develop, acquire, and sustain precision measurement capabilities in operating a worldwide calibration network to ensure accurate, reliable, and safe air and space systems performance.

Vision: Advancing air and space power through measurement science, global operations, and diverse partnerships.


Metrology is the science of measurement.

Metrology is required to ensure that Air Force systems are accurate and can reliably perform their designated missions. Every system in the Air Force inventory requires some type of accurate and reliable measurement to be made in development or operation. For example, when landing a plane, the pilot counts on the Instrument Landing System to tell him if he's centered on the runway and making his approach at the proper angle. A laser-guided bomb requires both the target designator and the guidance sensor on the bomb to operate at the proper wavelength and at correct power levels for the successful munitions delivery. Finally, the weight of aircraft must be known to ensure that they are not overloaded and that they have the proper amount of fuel for safe flights. The accuracy and reliability of all of these systems can be directly traced to measurements made here at the Air Force Primary Standards Laboratory (AFPSL).


The AFMETCAL mission is to manage the Air Force Metrology and Calibration (AFMETCAL) Program to ensure Air Force (AF) systems and equipment are accurate, uniform, reliable, and traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or other sources as approved by AFMETCAL (Metrology).

Additional responsibilities include development, acquisition, and sustainment of Air Force Primary Reference Standards and Base Reference Standards for both the Air Force Primary Standards Laboratory (AFPSL) and Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratories (PMELs) worldwide.

AFMETCAL is also responsible for the central management and day to day support of PMELs worldwide to include dealing with facility, logistics, staffing, contracting, and financial issues as well as the programmatic policy and guidance responsibilities.


- AFMETCAL calibration support services are centrally funded 

- Request Program Offices fund the AFMETCAL TDYs for participation at PDRs, CDRs TRR/AT, final field evaluation and other technical conferences.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Air Force Calibration Authority Viewer (AFCAV) is a specialized software viewer for displaying data from Technical Order (T.O.) 33K-1-100-2-CD-1, the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) version T.O. 33K-1-100-3-CD-1 and all authorized Calibration Measurement Summary (CMS) technical orders. AFCAV is distributed with these technical orders. To receive AFCAV, simply requisition the T.O. 33K-1-100-2-CD-1, 33K-1-100-3-CD-1 and/or CMS technical orders as applicable. Upon receipt of the CD, follow the instructions in the readme files to install and run AFCAV.

T.O. 33K-1-100-3-CD-1 (FMS only) is released annually and there are no monthly updates.


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