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About CBM+

We apply Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize fleet maintenance, increase aircraft availability, and minimize aircraft downtime.

Our most prominent use of AI is in our Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+) Program.  Employing AI has enabled us to improve maintenance data quality and evaluate large sets of aircraft sensor data and maintenance history to predict component failures.  Our CBM+ Program Office executes these applications to save thousands of maintenance hours every year.

Mr. Michael Casey, Chief
Mr. Dave Williams, Deputy Chief
Mr. Andy Hamilton, Chief Engineer

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+)

 What is Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+)?
CBM+ is a failure management strategy to perform maintenance based on the evidence of need using two primary methods: enhanced Reliability Centered Maintenance (eRCM) and Sensor Based Algorithms (SBA).
 What is enhanced Reliability Centered Maintenance (eRCM)?
Enhanced Reliability Centered Maintenance (eRCM) uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to analyze historical component failure data to make predictions.
 What is a Sensor Based Algorithm (SBA)?
Sensor Based Algorithms (SBA) use AI and ML to analyze aircraft sensor data to detect the degrading performance or impending failure of a component. An SBA is a series of models used to represent a targeted system used to simulate a health status.
 What value does CBM+ provide?
  • Enables decision advantage during mission planning with the ability to predict future weapon system health and select/deploy the most reliable force package
  • Minimizes supply and unscheduled maintenance driven downtime
  • Enables push logistics to preposition parts when and where they are needed
  • Reduces unscheduled maintenance, eliminates troubleshooting time, and reduces cycle time
  • Eliminates unplanned operational disruptions due to aborts and breaks
  • Decreases maintenance and sustainment costs
 What is PANDA?
The Predictive Analytics and Decision Assistant (PANDA) is the Air Force’s enterprise AI software solution for CBM+.  PANDA has been designated as the Air Force’s system of record for CBM+ and predictive maintenance.
 How do I get a PANDA account?
Please follow this link to register for a PANDA user account at .  Please be sure to provide clear justification for your access and select an available Sponsor that can validate your CBM+ “need to know” when completing the user registration pages.
 How do I get in contact with the CBM+ Program Office?
Please send an email to