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MISSION: Deliver technical support to repair battle damaged aircraft and restore capability to the warfighter.

VISION:    Accomplish our mission by integrating weapon system program offices and engineering community to quickly develop solutions.





ABDR has an opportunity for engineers to learn about aircraft and how to repair them organically in an austere environment. This program will benefit the members by exposing them to the aircraft maintenance world, the maintenance process, and even has the opportunity to serve overseas. 

The program curriculum has four courses which span seven-to-eight weeks in duration. Volunteer slots are open to active duty, reserve, and civilians who have an accredited engineering degree with statics and strength of materials courses.  

To learn more please email our org email at: AFLCMC.EZPT.AF-ABDRE@us.af.mil or call 937-713-9686.


Chief Aircraft Battle Damage Repair Engineer - MAJOR MIGUEL R. GAYTAN

Major Gaytan bio photoMajor Miguel R. Gaytan is the Air Force Chief Aircraft Battle Damage Repair Engineer. Currently responsible for overseeing and maintaining the Engineering side of the ABDR program. His primary duties include certifying Air Force engineers to be ABDR, managing the engineering curriculum, and integrating new repair advancements into the ABDR capability.