The mission of AQM is to provide exceptional functional development and management of the program management workforce across the AFLCMC.


The mission of AZS is to be a group of Strategic Partners supporting DoD and Federal Customers with tools that enable program success while exceeding customer expectations. 


The mission of AQR is to provide exceptional human resource advisory services and support to the Program Management & Test Management workforce across the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center. 


The mission of AZT is to provide exceptional test expertise to AFLCMC by building synergy across all platform portfolios, hiring and developing a highly capable workforce, and implementing T&E policies and processes in order to acquire and support war-winning capabilities.  


The ACE mission is to provide expert advice and hands-on assistance to the acquisition workforce and leadership to instill credibility, excellence and innovation in the Acquisition and Sustainment process. 


Don ThompsonDonald W. Thompson, Jr., is the Director, Acquisition Excellence & Program Execution, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC), Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC), Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. In this role, he is responsible for Program Management and Test and Evaluation workforce managements, as well as ensuring the effective function of the Acquisition Centers of Excellence across all center locations.

Previously, Mr. Thompson served as Director of the F-35 Directorate (Joint Strike Fighter), AFLCMC. In that role, he was responsible for organizing, training, and equipping the F-35 Joint Program Office’s Air Force workforce to enable the development, delivery, and sustainment of all airborne, surface, and ground-based assets, and advanced capabilities for the U.S and international partners.



Enhance AFLCMC’s Ability To Deliver & Support War Winning Capabilities By Providing Program and Test Management Professionals, Processes, and Expertise.

AFLCMC/AQ-AZ consists of a Program Management Directorate (AQ) as well as a Program Execution Directorate (AZ).  Prior to the standup of AFLCMC, these Directorates were combined and known as ASC/AQ.  In 2010 by direction of the Secretary of the Air Force, the Aeronautical Systems Center was reorganized into functional management and converted from wings to directorates.  As part of this reorganization, ASC/AQ gained full responsibility as the functional staff office for program managers, life cycle logisticians, and test and evaluation managers.  The Consolidated Acquisition of Professional Services Division was established in AQ in 2008 with a re-engineered approach to providing Advisory and Assistance (A&AS) across WPAFB.  This is now known as the Acquisition of Consolidated Enterprise Support Services.



Acquisition Excellence Directorate 
Commercial Phone: 937-255-5185