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MEET SSgt Brandon Bland - Detachment 7, Hanscom AFB, MA

Photo of SSgt Brandon Bland in uniform Learn a little more about ​SSgt Brandon Bland:

SSgt Bland is a NCOIC, CSS and  helps the AFLCMC mission by providing administrative support to AFLCMC personnel. Bland manages several personnel programs for Detachment 7 such as LeaveWeb, Records Management, SharePoint, Decorations and Evaluations. He also manages MICT to ensure compliance and accuracy of all programs managed by Detachment 7 and conducts TCCC training for members across Center orgs to ensure readiness. 

What attributes do you like to see in a leader? The attributes that I like to see in a leader are openness and trustworthiness. A leader should be firm, but fair. They should have their people’s best interest when making tough decisions. 

What is the most difficult part of being a leader? The most difficult part of being a leader is being the Change Agent in your organization. Communicating your ideas and visions in which may bring about change is difficult for the masses. Most people are resistant to change, therefore, making the role of a leader challenging. However, if the change is effective and brings resolution to issues within your work center, the reward is greater than the challenge. 

What is a leaders best asset? Trustworthiness! Trustworthiness is multifaceted in the sense that leaders who are trustworthy are reliable, credible, and are consistent in their performance and care for their members.  

What motivates You? How do you motivate a team? My leadership. They lead by example, employing standards and utilizing effective positive communication. I motivate a team through encouragement and positive feedback.  I try to create an environment that fosters open and honest communication, along with a willingness to always help. There is no “I” in “Team.”

Do you have a recommended leadership book and what do you feel you gained form it? The 360 Degree Leader by John Maxwell. I found learning the differences between a manager and a leader to be impactful.  

MEET SSgt Colby A. Morin - 66th Security Forces Squadron, Hanscom AFB, MA

SSgt Morin Learn a little more about SSgt Colby A. Morin:

SSgt Morin is a Security Forces Flight Sergeant, responsible for leading and directing daily operations for 14 Security Forces and Department of the Air Force Police personnel on Hanscom Air Force Base. In this capacity his team is responsible for the safety of 10,000 base residents, military members, civilian employees and guests, all while securing $6 billion in DoD assets, 1,200 buildings, 6 Arms, Ammunition and Explosive facilities spanning across 846-acre, multi-jurisdictional installation. 

What attributes do you like to see in a leader? 

Loyalty, Transparency, Confidence, Personable, Empowering 

What is the most difficult part of being a leader? 

Establishing a leadership and communication style that is effective and accommodating for all team members. Additionally, understanding when a leader needs to ask for help.  

What is a leaders best asset? 

A leader’s greatest asset is their job knowledge, experience, and their team. Knowledge and prior experiences can be used to teach and lead Airmen, assisting them to develop their own set of skills. This is essential in the formation of an effective and efficient team, without that the mission cannot be completed. 

What motivates You?  

I’m motivated by my wife and family; they keep me grounded and focused. Secondly, there have been several leaders and role models I have encountered throughout my career that have left a lasting, monumental impact. The hope that I am able to impact someone as these individuals have impacted me is my motivation.  

How do you motivate a team? 

 Encouraging teamwork through clear communication and collaboration to establish shared visions and goals is essential in keeping a team motivated. Additionally, encouraging innovation and professional development while providing effective feedback is critical to keeping a team motivated.  

MEET SSgt Hugo Agurcia Reyes - 66th Medical Squadron, Diagnostics & Therapeutics Flight

SSgt Agurcia ReyesLearn a little more about SSgt Hugo Agurcia Reyes:

SSgt Agurcia Reyes is a Pharmacy Technician. He assists AFLCMC mission by ensuring all members are medically ready. He oversees pharmacy services at Hanscom AFB, serving AFLCMC patients. He implements procedures and enforces policies with medication dispensing to our AFLCMC units, ABG, and retirees in a 7 state AOR. SSgt Reyes also serves as a Basic Life Support instructor and validates AFLCMC members’ lifesaving abilities. 

What attributes do you like to see in a leader?

Humbleness and confidence in a leader. 

What is the most difficult part of being a leader?

 Separating personal needs and mission goals is the most difficult part of being a leader.  

What is a leaders best asset? 

A leader’s best asset is the ability to be trusted and transparency.  

SSgt Reyes was born in Honduras and was on the receiving end of a humanitarian mission in his village. Wearing the uniform and life coming a full circle is very motivating. 

A leadership book recommendation Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman.  his book illustrates how to shape your judgement and decisions and not making decisions based off emotions (fast) vs logically (slow).


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  • The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center is one of six centers reporting to the Air Force Materiel Command. 
  • Led by a 3-star general officer, AFLCMC is charged with life cycle management of Air Force weapon systems from their inception to retirement.
  • The AFLCMC mission:  "Acquire and Support War-Winning Capabilities"
  • The AFLCMC motto: "AFLCMC - providing what warfighters need, when they need it!
  • More than 26,000 individuals support the AFLCMC mission