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MEET MSGT LANCE LIVERMAN, AFLCMC, EZPT-MFTO (Metal Fabrication & Technologies)

Lance Liverman at work. Man standing in USAF uniform. MSgt Lance Liverman is the Field Program Manager for the MFTO, he supports the 2A7 enterprise consisting of Aircraft Structural Maintenance and Aircraft Metals Technology. He is the direct link to the field on all maintenance/technical correspondence.   

What attributes do you like to see in a leader? Love to see leaders who are Fair, Open and Honest. 

What is the most difficult part of being a leader? Knowing when to step aside and let those under you take risks to succeed. 

What is a leaders best asset? Being engaged and knowing the lives of the people they lead. Know what is important to those personnel as well. 

What motivates You? How do you motivate a team? Success of mission! Individualized relations ship and camaraderie.

Do you have a recommended leadership book and what do you feel you gained form it? Good to Great by Jim Collins!

I learned that while I am a very extroverted person myself, being a successful leader is not necessarily about getting up in front of everyone with a strong voice and visual charismatic displays. It can be more important to build and develop individuals on your team; more success can often come from subordinates taking point on a mission and being the face of the team.




SSgt Sansone at work SSgt Louis J. Sansone works for Global Ammunition Control Point, Munitions Division. SSgt Sansone is a CONUS Munitions Cell Technician, directing over three-thousand munitions requisitions annually, providing the assets needed to sustain Total Force initiatives within the Continental United States. By scrutinizing these requisitions against the Air Force’s $25M second destination transportation budget, Sansone synchronizes the competing priorities of 12 MAJCOMs.

What attributes do you like to see in a leader? Transparency, commitment, and trustworthiness. A leader that exhibits these three attributes is guaranteed to gain followership from their team members and peers because it fosters an environment where the team knows its goals and can trust that the leader has the team’s best interest in mind.

What is the most difficult part of being a leader? Being placed into a team where you may not be the subject matter expert or even have a working knowledge of the subject and are expected to lead. This scenario tests a leader’s morals and lets you see what type of person they truly are.

What is a leaders best asset? Humility. A leader that is aware of the strengths but also their weaknesses is a leader that is bound to succeed. Being willing to admit mistakes and imperfections is crucial to personal development.

What motivates you? How do you motivate a team? I am motivated by leaders that value my input and acknowledge my past experiences. As a leader, I motivate my teams by determining what drives them. Some people value time off, award recognition or special duties, and that makes it difficult to have a blanket statement on how to motivate a team. Instead, I like to have a conversation with my team members in individual and group settings to determine their factors.

Do you have a recommended leadership book and what do you feel you gained form it? Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box by The Arbinger Institute. I was given this book by my JROTC instructor between my Junior and Senior year before taking command of my JROTC unit. This book showed me that in an organization, you must be accountable for your actions and how negative actions can “poison the well”.


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