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  • Supports all strategic US air refueling operations
  • Secondary missions include cargo/passenger transport, aeromedical evacuation and C2
Current Lines of Effort
KC-135 Modernization
  • Real Time Information in the Cockpit (RTIC)
  • CNS/ATM Block 45
KC-135 Sustainment for 395 aircraft, avg age 58 yrs
  • Largest organic depot in USAF at OC-ALC
  • F108 engine depot at OC-ALC
  • Weapon System Integrity Program
KC-10 Modernization
  • Mode 5 Id Friend or Foe (IFF) / ADS-B Out
KC-10 Sustainment for 56 aircraft, avg age 35 yrs
  • Closed Loop Contractor Logistics Support (CLS)
  • Airframe CLS Contract (Vertex Aerospace)
  • Engine CLS Contract (Lockheed Martin)
  • Weapon System Integrity Program
Foreign Military Sales supports 4 countries operating 25 aircraft
Division Locations
  • Tinker AFB, OK
  • KC-10 Liaisons at Travis AFB CA, McGuire AFB NJ, and Netherlands
  • Provides multi-point aerial refueling, cargo/passenger transport, and aeromedical evacuation
Current Lines of Effort
  • Working fixes for major deficiencies: Remote Vision System 2.0 & Boom Telescope Actuator Redesign
  • Wing Aerial Refueling Pods (WARPs)
Production/Foreign Military Sales (FMS) 
  • Total 179 KC-46s planned; 38 aircraft delivered (a/o Oct 20)
  • Five productions lots on contract (67 a/c); lots 6 and 7 in negotiation
  • Initial Operational Test & Evaluation, ECD FY2024 
  • A/R receiver certification ongoing at Edwards AFB 
  • First organic Depot C-check induction, Sep 20 
  • First organic commodity activation (live support systems), Oct 20
  • Maintenance manual task verification nearly complete (95%) 
  • Aircrew Training System (Flight Safety Services Corp)
  • Maintenance Training System (Boeing BGS St. Louis)
  • Type I Training (Boeing BGS Seattle)
Foreign Military Sales
  • Executing FMS case for Japan; 4+ countries in development
Program Office/Depot Locations 
  • Wright-Patterson AFB, OH; Tinker AFB, OK
  • Boeing Program Office, Everett, WA