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  • The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center is one of six centers reporting to the Air Force Materiel Command. 
  • Led by a 3-star general officer, AFLCMC is charged with life cycle management of Air Force weapon systems from their inception to retirement.
  • The AFLCMC mission:  "Acquire and Support War-Winning Capabilities"
  • The AFLCMC motto: "AFLCMC - providing what warfighters need, when they need it!
  • More than 26,000 individuals support the AFLCMC mission



Enlisted Highlight

CBRN doffing December 2022 - Meet MSgt Benjamin Leis 

Unit: Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Branch at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 

MSgt Leis is an Aircrew Flight Equipment Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Subject Matter Expert. He helps with development, integration, testing, procurement, and the fielding of new CBRN protective equipment/technology.  

What is something your proud of within your Air Force career? 

Before being selected for an AFLCMC position, I was fortunate to be involved with multiple Developmental Test and Operational Test & Evaluations on the very equipment I currently manage and field to units. Now that I’m part of AFLCMC, I feel I’m in critical position that can help speed up the acquisition process and deliver new equipment and capabilities to the warfighter at the speed of relevance. 

Why did you join the military?

Travel, education and to do something noble with my life. 

What attributes do you like to see in a leader?

Energetic, personable, humble, compassionate, helpful and honest. 

What is the most difficult part of being a leader? 

Self-care. When you’re a leader, you have more responsibilities in the form of Airman, tasks, mission, etc. Taking time to reflect, relax, and step away from your responsibilities becomes increasingly difficult. Developing time-management skills and learning to delegate has helped me overcome this struggle and had given me that time to unwind and take care of myself. 

What is a leaders best asset? 

Airman! A leader can’t lead without having followers or support.  

What motivates you? How do you motivate a team? 
Outside of work: my family and friends. In my uniform: the ability to make DoD-level changes, help develop new equipment and concepts and then field it to the warfighter! 

I motivate a team by keeping our focus on the big picture. Knowing that an aircrew member going on a mission on his or her worst day will return home to their loved ones because of what we do each and every day. 


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