78th FSS Military Personnel Flight: Keeping Robins on course

  • Published
  • By Kisha Foster Johnson
  • 78th Air Base Wing Public Affairs Office

The Robins Military Personnel Flight serves as a compass for Airmen in various ways with Permanent Change of Station transitions, navigating their careers, and keeping track of official credentials.

“We provide essential support by ensuring the readiness, well-being and effectiveness of our Airmen,” said Tech. Sgt. Diamond Guzman, 78th Force Support Squadron MPF chief. “We do a lot of behind-the-scenes things. Our mission is to ensure our people can take care of business in peacetime or wartime. When they are downrange, we do not want them to worry about things here at home.

“We are also like a welcome committee,” she continued. “This is one of the first stops Airmen and their families make when arriving at Robins and it’s also one of the last places they visit before moving on to another installation.”

The MPF provides many services to active duty and retired military reservists, civilian employees and families. These services can range from ID card support to personnel readiness and retention.

Customer Support: Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, known commonly as DEERS, and ID card/CAC issuance.

Career Development: Assignments, reenlistments and evaluations supporting career progression.

Force Management: Maintains optimal force structure and personnel readiness.

Retentions: Ensures retention of skilled personnel by providing guidance and support.

Passports: Coordinates travel for Airmen and their dependents.

Career Counseling and Guidance: Airmen can seek advice from MPF personnel regarding career paths, skill development, and opportunities.

Records Management: Maintains accurate personnel records, training certifications, awards, and performance evaluations.

Assignment Management: MPF assists Airmen in selecting assignments that align with their career goals. They consider factors such as job availability, skill requirements, and personal preferences.

Education and Training Opportunities: MPF informs Airmen about professional development courses, certifications, and educational programs.

“This office is part of the base’s backbone,” said 2nd Lt. Kara Dunlap, 78th FSS MPF commander. “Things would come to a halt if we weren’t here. There would be no ID cards, which means people couldn’t access the base or log onto computers to work.

“Our team also plays an important part in Airmen job advancement,” Dunlap said. “MPF manages the promotion process for both officers and enlisted personnel by overseeing the promotion boards and ensuring timely issuance of promotion orders.”

In addition to promotions, MPF Airmen assist in other areas of career development, as well.

“Career development is the busiest section,” said Guzman. “Counselors help Airmen map out a plan that can enhance qualifications and open the door for more different opportunities and advancement.

“I like helping people, and I think generally most of us in this unit feel the same,” said Guzman. “Not every situation is the same and may require a unique solution, but the end goal is to provide good customer service to the warfighter.”

Dunlap said MPF workers respond to a high volume of emails and phone calls daily.

“Please be patient and give them grace,” she said. “They’re doing their best to juggle lots of cases efficiently and accurately, which means in some cases quick answers aren’t always possible.

“I’ve seen them come in early or stay late to try and solve problems to help military families relocating or receive expected allowances. It’s heartwarming to see our people help others through those hard times.”