BES Small Business Office Hosts Vendor Exchange Forum

  • Published
  • By BES Strategic Communications

MAXWELL AFB-GUNTER ANNEX, Ala. -- On Jan. 18, 2024, the Business and Enterprise Systems (BES) Small Business Office (SBO) held a Vendor Exchange Forum (VEF) at Maxwell AFB-Gunter Annex in Montgomery, Ala.

Led by Director of Small Business Programs, Yolanda McCain, VEF provided industry partners with the opportunity to hear the mission, priorities, challenges, and upcoming opportunities across the BES Directorate.

VEF consisted of two sessions: Government Presentations and Selected Vendor Presentations.

During the first session, attendees received an Insights to BES briefing from BES Chief Disruption Officer, Dr. Joseph Besselman, and Chief, Technical Services, Toy Robinson, and received BES Program Acquisition Spotlights from six BES Program Management Offices.

In the second session, nine vendors were provided with the opportunity to pitch their unique capabilities and solutions to BES Leadership, Capability Delivery Teams, Product Line Managers, and more.

“I am delighted with the support shown for the VEF outreach event, both within the BES Directorate and from our Industry Partners,” said McCain. There were a couple of logistical challenges, mostly travel related due to weather conditions, however, VEF was a success with over 350 attendees in-person and virtual.”

It is through outreach events like VEF that the Directorate can enhance its awareness and understanding of industry resources and expertise while providing information on upcoming opportunities that strengthen the partnership to deliver world-class, innovative, and cost-effective IT solutions to the Warfighter.

“BES has a legacy of valuing industry partnerships, particularly providing participation within the small business community,” McCain said. “I look forward to continuing to not only build upon that legacy but enhance the BES legacy through outreach events such as VEF.”

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