• Legacy Tankers keep the fuel flowing

    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, Ohio (AFLCMC) – There is an adage in the Air Force that illustrates the importance of aerial refueling: “No fuel, no fight.” It is the reason the Air Force maintains hundreds of tanker aircraft, many of which are in the air flying missions around the clock.  Those tankers keep

  • Support networks bolster resiliency during stressful holidays

    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, Ohio (AFLCMC) – The holidays are a time of fellowship and joy for most, but for some it can be a very challenging time of year.  Add to those challenges, the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases could make it even more difficult to meet and host traditional celebrations.  That could

  • New first sergeant has passion for helping people

    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, Ohio (AFLCMC) – Senior Master Sgt. Elise Phillips is the new First Sergeant for the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center.  In the Air Force, first sergeant isn’t a rank but a special duty designation for a senior NCO entrusted by the commander to ensure the enlisted force of

  • Morris charts future course for AFLCMC

    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, Ohio (AFLCMC) – “I think what makes our team great is we have a very good shared set of values in the Air Force core values.  Those are foundational for me personally in how I live my life and how I try to lead and I think for most of our folks they are foundational in how they