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AFSAC worked with the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) and the Defense Security Assistance Management System (DSAMS) to establish a new automated data interface to AFSAC Online to receive the USAF FMS case data for use by the new DVA capability. The interface went into production and the data loaded into the AFSAC Online database was exposed by AFSAC for use in Tableau (an data visualization and analytics software) ahead of schedule.

This automated interface will allow for the replacement of 56 Ad hoc reports being pulled manually from DSAMS and will enable more timely refreshing of 16 data flows for existing Tableau Dashboards managed by AFSAC. The new DVA capability is anticipated to reduce the time AFSAC members spend on monthly data pulls by over 92%, which gives them more time to focus on providing our foreign military partners with the weapon systems they need to defend their countries.



The Digital and Air Force Security Assistance & Cooperation Directorates recently completed a huge construction project that is helping deliver a new early warning radar capability to a key partner nation in the Middle East!

The project consisted of constructing the infrastructure to support the early warning capability, to include a radar building, a power supply building, roadways, and other key support facilities. With this successful effort, the directorates and the partner nation will be able to continue working additional defense efforts.


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