AFPTEF - Links

Packaging-Related Commercial Standards Organizations
SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)
Source for Military Specifications and Standards
ASSIST Quick Search- DoD Single Stock Point for Military Specifications, Standards and Related Publications
SPIRES- Special Packaging Instructions - For any access issues, please send
your inquiries to AFMC/A4RTSPIRESSupport@wpafb.af.mil
HAZMAT- HAZMAT Transportation COP
AFMAN 24-204 IP
AFPTEF- Air Force Packing Technology and Engineering Facility
Air Logistic Centers
Robins AFB, GA - Packaging POC
Hill AFB, UT- Packaging POC
Tinker AFB, OK- Packaging POC
Product Centers
Eglin AFB, FL
AFLCMC/EBDW - Containers Group
Phone: DSN: 875-3622 Comm: (850) 883-3622
Email:Containers Group
Specialized Centers
AMARC Tucson AZ - Email: amarc.pa@dm.af.mil
U.S. Army Materiel Command (USAMC), Logistics Support Activity
Redstone Arsenal, AL
Packaging, Storage, and Containerization Center (PSCC)
Email: logsapscc@logsa.army.mil
Aberdeen Proving Ground
U.S. Army Ordnance Center and School
DAC Packaging Instruction Phone: DSN:826-4745 Comm:1-877-251-0730
Naval Supply Systems Command - NAVSUP, Mechanicsburg, PA
Naval Surface Warfare Center - NSWC, Crane, IN
SD-18 Part Requirement and Application Guide
Hazardous Technical Information Services
Phone: DSN: 695-5168 Comm: 800-848-HTIS
or 804-279-5168 FAX: 804-279-4194
E-mail: htis@dscr.dla.mil

PC-POP Program Ver 3.031
Phone: DSN: 430-2923 or 430-2962 or
Comm: (717) 605-2923 or (717) 605-2962
E-Mail: PopSupport@dla.mil
Defense Contract Management Agency
DLA Packaging Specifications Web Page
Link to British Defense Standards