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AFLCMC PSM Forum addresses coming digital enterprise

Leadership Log Episode 45

Lansen Conley, AFLCMC Director of Logistics and Logistics Services, talks about the coming PSM Foumn during the current episode of AFLCMC’s Leadership Log podcast. To hear the full conversation, watch at https://youtu.be/SGCmwH3xrFw or listen here https://anchor.fm/aflcmc/episodes/Episode-45_-Introducing-the-3rd-Annual-AFLCMC-Product-Support-Manager-Forum-euht3b. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Jim Varhegyi)

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, Ohio (AFLCMC) – The 3rd Annual AFLCMC PSM Forum will be held virtually from June 22 to 24 on ZoomGov.
You can RSVP at https://einvitations.afit.edu/inv/anim.cfm?i=588308&k=07694A0A7B5F.  Questions can be directed to Kristen Foran (kristen.foran@us.af.mil, Cell: 937-760-2190) and Jeffrey Blackburn (jeffrey.blackburn.1@us.af.mil, Cell: 937-572-5112).
“It really fosters that communication between product support managers on different programs across the center,” said Lansen Conley, AFLCMC Director of Logistics and Logistics Services during the current episode of AFLCMC’s Leadership Log podcast.  “We have folks from all over our center locations that join us and then senior logisticians and senior leaders from throughout the center and even the Air Force at large.” 
The theme this year is, “Advancing Logistics…Digitizing Sustainment and Modernizing Product Support.”   
“With the digital campaign that's going on in Air Force Materiel Command and even within the Air Force at large, we really want to talk about how do we start to make that shift and what do we have to do to modernize our product support to the legacy weapon systems that we have and those that are brand new coming on board,” Conley said. 
Organizers had hoped to hold the event in person this year to benefit from greater personal interaction during such events, but safety concerns mandated a virtual format.  On the bright side, Conley said, more people will be able to attend since there are no travel expenses. 
The agenda includes several well-known speakers including:
- Lt. Gen. Eric Fick, Deputy Program Executive Officer, F-35 Joint Program Office;
- Lt. Gen. Warren Berry, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Engineering and Force Protection; and
- Ms. Angela Tymofichuk, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Logistics and Product Support.  
There will also be a PEO panel discussion on “Acquisitions, Sustainment and People as We Go Digital” led by:
- Maj. Gen. Michael Schmidt, PEO or C3I and Networks and Director of C3I Networks Directorate;
- Richard Aldridge, PEO for Business and Enterprise Systems and Director of the Business and Enterprise Systems Directorate; and
- Brig. Gen. Dale White PEO for Fighters and Advanced Aircraft and Director of Fighters and Advanced Aircraft Directorate
To hear the full conversation, you can watch Leadership Log on YouTube at https://youtu.be/SGCmwH3xrFw.  You can also listen on Anchor at https://anchor.fm/aflcmc/episodes/Episode-45_-Introducing-the-3rd-Annual-AFLCMC-Product-Support-Manager-Forum-euht3b