Air Force awards multi-million dollar contract for F-16 depot

  • Published
  • By Hollen Partington
  • F-16 System Program Office
The Air Force’s F-16 System Program Office within the Fighters and Advanced Aircraft Directorate has awarded a $900 million F-16 Continental United States (CONUS) Depot contract to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, with twelve dock spaces in their Lockheed Martin Greenville Operations facility located in Greenville, S.C., will provide depot level maintenance and modernization support, establishing the first ever U.S. based F-16 industry depot to support the government-owned depot facilities. There are currently two overseas F-16 contract depots, one in Europe and the other in the Pacific.

F-16s make up the largest fleet of fighters in the Air Force, approximately 45 percent of the fleet, and will remain a viable weapon system well into the future.

Several funded modernization and structural programs will significantly increase the depot level workload in upcoming years as the priority is to effectively operate the F-16 for decades to come.

The F-16 System Program Office is working closely with the Ogden Air Logistics Complex (OO-ALC) at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, to maximize their government depot capacity. After maximizing the OO-ALC capacity, the F-16 CONUS contract depot will provide the necessary additional capacity to accomplish F-16 repair and modernization efforts.  

The CONUS depot has the potential to support the approximately 2,000 F-16’s currently operating in 25 partner nations.