Air Force PEO visits Hermeus for Mach 5 engine demo

  • Published
  • By Chad Bacik
  • Presidential and Executive Airlift Directorate
ATLANTA, Ga. – In the search for next-generation technology, Brig. Gen. Ryan Britton, Program Executive Officer of the Presidential and Executive Airlift Directorate, visited Hermeus Corporation on Nov. 13 for a demonstration of the company’s Mach 5 engine.

Hermeus performed a test of its subscale turbine-based combined cycle engine at its sea level static facility in Atlanta.  The turbojet started at low power and transitioned to its maximum thrust.  After that, the ramburner fired and ramped up to its maximum thrust condition before transitioning back to the turbojet-only operating mode.

The engine was developed to power the company’s future Mach 5 – over 3,000 miles per hour – aircraft, and reduce the time it takes to travel around the world.

The Directorate is currently leading an Air Force effort fueling the burgeoning commercial resurgence of supersonic passenger travel to provide executive transport aircraft for key U.S. decision makers and teams, and engine technology is a key part of the effort.

In August, the directorate awarded $1.5 million to Hermeus to develop integrated digital models and test plans for incorporating key subsystems into future aircraft designs.

“This was a fantastic visit,” said Britton. “Hermeus is developing some very impressive, cutting edge technology!  I look forward to continued partnership, as we explore ways to leverage supersonic aircraft for the future of executive transport.”