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Eglin lightens base health protection condition

Graphic of coronavirus from CDC

Graphic of coronavirus from CDC


Brig. Gen. Scott Cain, the 96th Test Wing commander, directed a move to Recovery Stage 2 and a modified Health Protection Condition Bravo, effective Oct. 7.

The shift was due to a several weeks-long decline in base COVID-19 cases and in the surrounding communities.

Eglin will continue to execute its mission while protecting the health of the workforce.

In Recovery Stage 2, non-mission essential tasks may begin in the workplace if they cannot be supported by telework. Maximum use of telework to reduce the footprint on base is still encouraged. High-risk personnel will remain on telework or weather/safety leave status, unless mission essential to their unit.

Installation personnel will continue to practice all public health risk mitigation measures currently in place:

  •  Practice strict hygiene.
  • Clean workplace common areas during every shift, clean shared items after each use.
  • Restrict group sizes to no more than 50 people at the unit commander’s discretion. Groups larger than 50 require an installation commander exception to policy.
  • Maintain a minimum physical distance of six-feet between people.
  • Wear face masks when a six-foot distance cannot be maintained for any period of time.
  • Stay at home when experiencing new symptoms or illness, notify your supervision, and contact a primary care manager.

Personnel and residents should expect on-base facilities to increase base services.

Visitors are now authorized access to the installation, pending the requisite pass from the Visitor Control Center. In addition, visitors will also be required to acknowledge and follow all installation public health guidelines.

In an effort to offer a safe environment on the installation for recreation, on-base recreation activities are highly encouraged. Military personnel will receive priority access to base recreation facilities.

“Although COVID-19 conditions are improving overall, our continued vigilance in combatting the spread of this virus is essential,” said Cain. “Not only will strict adherence to these risk mitigation measures slow the spread of COVID-19, but as we enter influenza season, we may reduce the likelihood of spreading that virus as well.”

Base leadership will continue to monitor local conditions for early indications of a resurgence in cases.

The Team Eglin community is encouraged to visit the base website and the Eglin AFB Facebook page for the latest updates.