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Armament Directorate kicks off Weapons Pitch Day

Courtesy illustration of an Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW)

Courtesy illustration of an Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW)

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Florida – In an effort to find technologies that support the Air Force’s priorities of reach, affordable mass, autonomous collaboration, sensing and communications, non-kinetic effects and digital engineering, the Armament Directorate recently kicked off Phase I of its Weapons Pitch Day initiative.

The directorate is looking for innovative, cost efficient solutions from small businesses, with a focus on technical feasibility. This may include the analysis of existing technologies, conceptualization of new technologies, and prototyping activities.

With this initiative, the directorate is also looking for solutions that allow “Blue” aircraft to engage targets – both air and ground – with increased standoff range.

Companies that are selected in Phase I, will have the opportunity to compete for contract awards at the Phase II PEO Weapons Pitch Day.

“Phase I contract awards are the first step of PEO Weapons Pitch Day,” said Maj. Madeleine Jensen PEO Weapons Pitch Day project lead. “Once you receive a Phase I contract award you are now eligible to compete for an invitation to our PEO Weapons Pitch Day. We know that there are lots of Small Businesses with amazing ideas – we want to hear those ideas! ”

“The SBIR program and Pitch Days allow the Government to access Small Businesses that bring innovative technology and ideas to the War Fighter at a much faster pace than traditional acquisitions,” said Dana Alexander, PEO Weapons Pitch Day contracting lead. “I encourage all Small Businesses that have an idea that may enhance our Weapons Systems, to continually monitor betaSAM.gov for Pitch Day opportunities.”

For more information and to submit ideas, visit https://airforceweapons.com/ideas.