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Financial managers recognized during virtual ceremony



WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, Ohio (AFLCMC) – Financial management award winners for the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) were announced during a virtual ceremony at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Sept. 2, 2020.

The awards recognize AFLCMC teams and individuals. More than 250 nominations were submitted across 15 locations, including Wright-Patterson AFB.

Kathy Watern, Executive Director for AFLCMC, commented on the theme of the awards, noting it captured 2020. The theme was “Unprecedented Times Demand: Continued Optimism, Vigilance, Ingenuity and Dedication.”

“A very special thank you to all nominees, their supervisors who nominated them and to the exceptional staff who executed this event,” said Watern. “Your individual efforts and accomplishments are vital to the success of the AFLCMC mission!”

Winner and their associated categories are as follows:

Senior Cost ACAT I/II
Chantima Adams – WPAFB

Mid-Level Cost ACAT I/II
Michael Newton - WPAFB

Junior Cost ACAT I/II
Michael Smith - Hanscom

Senior Cost ACAT III
Edwin Fritz - WPAFB

Mid-Level Cost ACAT III
Scott Hewitson – WPAFB

Junior Cost ACAT III
Joseph Gulley - WPAFB

Senior Financial Manager ACAT I/II
Jace Suchland - WPAFB

Mid-Level Financial Manager ACAT I/II
Sheryl Coriell - WPAFB

Junior Financial Manager ACAT I/II
Melissa Slasor – WPAFB

Senior Financial Manager ACAT III
Martin Mlod – WPAFB

Mid-Level Financial Manager ACAT III
Debra Mckenzie - Eglin

Junior Financial Manager ACAT III
Rory Doherty - Hanscom

Senior Product Support Analyst
Andrade Haughton - Hanscom

Mid-Level Product Support Analyst
Jacqueline Lawson - Robins

Junior Product Support Analyst
Briana Walker - Tinker

Senior Staff/OL Analyst
Jamie Aimes - Hanscom

Mid-Level Staff/ OL Analyst
Craig Kowalski – WPAFB

Junior Staff/OL Analyst
Cheryl Butler - Hanscom

William H. Kugel Trainee of the Year
Evan Riethman – WPAFB

CGO of the Year
Capt. James Ellis - Eglin

Senior FMS Analyst of the Year
Latham Farley - WPAFB

Mid-Level FMS Analyst of the Year
Patrick Haughey - WPAFB

Junior FMS Analyst of the Year
Tiffany Armstrong - WPAFB

Customer Support Analyst of the Year
Alice Rohrbach - WPAFB

First Year Analyst
Joe Compton – WPAFB

Mentor of the Year
Matthew Willman – WPAFB

Team Nominees

Process Improvement Team
Kessel Run FM Team - Hanscom
Technical Excellence Team
AFLCMC/FZAO Civilian Pay Team – WPAFB
Organization of the Year
Armament Directorate CFO Leadership Team - Eglin, Robins, Hill

Comptroller Choice Awards

Deputy Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Year
Shannon Barnes - WPAFB
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Year
Deanna Gonet – WPAFB
Mike Napoli Cost Analyst of the Year
Rick Cockley - Hanscom
Donna Back Leadership Award
Monique Grant – WPAFB
Charles W. Adams Comptrollership Award
Janette Sylvian - Hanscom