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AFPTEF - Fabrication

Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) Milling machines are used to machine custom extrusions and specialized container parts.

AFPTEF has extensive in-house facilities for prototyping and light production. CAM data is taken directly from the design system and imported into the CNC milling machines for specialized parts and extrusions. The majority of welding is done using TIG welders. The in-house facility is run and operated by a skilled and experienced staff of model makers. Shop capabilities include but are not limited to prototyping aluminum, steel, or wood containers, item restraint systems, cushioning systems for shock mitigation and simulated items for testing. AFPTEF shop facilities are also capable of small production runs to meet mission deployment requirements. In addition, we are skilled in the refurbishment of fielded containers. We fully inspect each container and create a repair process to ensure each container meets original mission requirements. We repair all structural and welding damage, replace all missing and damaged hardware, parts, and assemblies, and then clean and re-stencil the container before returning it to the field.

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