CON-IT Implemented Handshake 2 Capability with DEAMS

  • Published
  • By George Sarmiento

On Feb. 12, 2024, Contracting Information Technology (CON-IT) and the Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System (DEAMS) implemented an electronic funds validation process, known as Handshake 2 of the Procure-to- Pay (P2P) Handshake capability.

The P2P Handshake capability consists of nine data handshakes between contracting and accounting systems that track requirements from creation through contracting and vendor payment.

The P2P handshakes were developed in 2020 by a Department of Defense (DoD) committee consisting of contracting and financial community members. Since the handshakes were published, only two accounting systems in the DoD have implemented Handshake 2, and the volume of data transactions have been very low.

The CON-IT and DEAMS implementation of Handshake 2 is significant for the entire DoD due to the sheer volume of transactions exchanged between the systems. The systems are anticipating over 100 times more transaction exchanged than any system across the DoD. Another key benefit for the Air Force with this implementation is the anticipated improvement of data quality and accuracy that is missing between the systems today.

Any Air Force organization interested in using CON-IT should reach out to the CON-IT Help Desk at (937) 713-9292 or