Learn a little about AFLCMC First Sergeant SMSgt Adrian Galcik

  • Published
  • By Allyson B. Crawford, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Public Affairs
WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, Ohio – (AFLCMC) After a few weeks of getting settled into her new role, AFLCMC First Sergeant, SMSgt Adrian Galcik is excited to share a little about her personal history. An airman of 20 years, she brings a lot of experience to her role as the Center shirt. Her background as a personalist is an immense help as First Sergeant. A personalist helps advise other airmen on job training and promotional opportunities and help them achieve career goals.

Galcik grew up all over because her dad was in the Navy. He retired in Oklahoma and that state is where she calls home. Those Navy roots encouraged Galcik to enlist.
“I would always see [dad] get ready in his uniform which gave me a sense of pride, knowing that he was fighting for not only my family, but also the nation,” explains Galcik.

She was just 14 when she told her dad she wanted to make the military her career.

Galcik says she is lucky to have some great role models, including her father, mother… and her five children!

“My father was the main foundation for why I wanted to join the military. Even though he had sea time, when he came back, he was always there to be a coach, mentor and help with my passion of being an Airman,” explains Galcik. “He is one of my 'number-one fans' and continues to help me with issues that I have. My mother, my other 'number-one fan,' raised me while dad was away. She was always there for my sisters and I, as well as a phone call away for any spouses who were struggling. Last but not least, my kids are role models. They remind me everyday to stay young. They see the world through a different lens which helps me see more positive than negative.”

Twenty years is plenty of time to create good memories and Galcik has many of her time in uniform.

“One of my favorite memories is when I was a PERSCO team chief at Al Dhafra Air Base (United Arab Emirates). I was selected to be a ‘maintainer for a day’ and was a crew chief for the F-15. I changed a sliding deck for refueling on the aircraft. This was at night and when I finished, the sun was barely rising. Then it hit me: I am an Airmen, a personalist, standing on an F-15, watching the sun rise as a KC-10 is taking off, a U-2 is landing, and I could hear the engines of F-22s starting. This was my first ‘awe’ moment in the military.”

Galcik also has opinions and advice on what it takes to be a great wingman.

“[A wingman must] have the situational awareness to stand-up for something that is wrong while correcting the discrepancy. Being a wingman is a 24/7 job, not just an additional duty. A good wingman has a moral compass of knowing what is right, doing the right thing and helping their peers overcome adversities. A good wingman’s actions can be a leader to their peers but also a follower to others.”

Galcik says her family loves adventure and she takes her kids glamping, hiking and exploring new cities. She enjoys working out and painting when she has some free time. You also might hear her quote Pulp Fiction once in a while.