Civil engineers capture seven command-level awards

  • Published
  • By Mark Wyatt
  • 66th Air Base Group Public Affairs

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. – Base officials recently announced the 66th Civil Engineering Division here received seven Air Force Materiel Command-level awards.

Hanscom AFB civil engineering personnel received four team and three individual awards.

“Exceptional job by our 66th Civil Engineering Division taking home seven MAJCOM [Major Command] annual awards,” said Col. Taona Enriquez, installation commander, in an email to the workforce. “Your hard work and dedication are seen across the base daily, and Team Hanscom is grateful for each of you.”

Major General Robert C. Thompson Award for Resource Excellence

This award recognizes the Air Force civil engineer unit that achieved the highest degree of resource excellence by offering outstanding products and services to its customers.

“In a testament to efficient resource management, the team expertly handled multimillion-dollar programs throughout the fiscal year,” said Tom Schluckebier, 66 CED base civil engineer. “The programs encompassed various allocations, including centralized and decentralized funds, utilities, facility operations, and reimbursements, with 100 percent of funds obligated by year end.”

Civil engineers also provided support to enhance the installation’s technological infrastructure, including fiber connection improvements and bolstering cellular service, according to the nomination.

Brigadier General Archie S. Mayes Award

This award is presented to an Engineering Flight that excelled in providing facility products and services of exceptional quality to base customers.

“The Engineering Flight has had a series of accomplishments, showcasing their skill in portfolio optimization, design and construction execution, energy resilience, utilities management and engineering support,” said Schluckebier.

The team is credited with managing the largest overall military construction program in the history of the installation.

“The installation is managing $343 million in active construction, $66 million in procurement, and more than $400 million in design for execution in the upcoming fiscal years,” said Schluckebier.

Other achievements include energy resilience efforts, including becoming  the current sole Air Force pilot base for Energy-as-a-Service.

The Major General Del R. Eulberg Award

The Major General Del R. Eulberg Award is an annual award given to an Outstanding Air Force CE Installation Management Flight.

“The CE team’s achievements reflect a comprehensive approach toward excellence, setting a high standard in asset management, environment responsibility and maintaining housing standards with the Air Force,” said Schluckebier.

The base civil engineer also highlighted the work completed with the Facility Space Planning and Optimization Plan.

“The plan, covering more than 1 million square feet of buildings on base, led to the development of 35 corrective action plans, resulting in a remarkable programmed reduction of 350,000 square footage,” said Schluckebier.

Other accomplishments include the Cyber Working Group securing funds to modernize industrial control systems.

Fire Department of the Year: Small Category

The 66 CED Fire Emergency Services Flight is the AFMC Small Fire Department of the Year for 2023.

“Their exceptional efforts ensured the protection of 10,000 personnel, 952 facilities, and assets valued at $6 billion,” said Schluckebier. “Their quick and efficient response to various incidents safeguarded communities and prevented substantial losses.”

The team was also credited with supporting more than 115 medical assists resulting in zero lives lost, according to the nomination.

The department also earned multiple awards, including four flight, three 66th Civil Engineering Division, and one 66th Air Base Group award in 2023.

Major General Joseph A. Ahearn Award

Michael T. Nickerson, Jr., received the Major General Joseph A. Ahearn Leadership Award.

“Mike worked closely with Hanscom AFB enlisted leadership to ensure rigorous inspections and safety were accomplished in dormitories without any findings or incidents, increasing safety standards,” said Schluckebier.

Additionally, Nickerson partnered with the 66th Communications and Information Division to secure internet connectivity and hot spot access and leveraged Squadron Innovation Funds to install heated sidewalk mats to ensure a safer environment for dorm residents.

Kathleen Ferguson Outstanding Civilian Civil Engineer Manager of the Year Award: Junior-Level Supervisor Category

Joseph L. Reynolds III received the Kathleen Ferguson Outstanding Civil Engineer Manager of the Year Award for providing outstanding supervisory skills.

“Joe managed over 350 emergency response incidents across expansive fire demand zones, ensuring the safety of Hanscom Air Force Base facilities,” said Schluckebier.

Reynolds also ensured 24-hour continuity of operations for CE emergency service calls on evenings, weekends and holidays, and provided oversight of Fire Alarm Communication Center programs on the installation.

Air Force Civilian Emergency Manager of the Year

This award is presented to a member of the Civil Engineering workforce who had a significant impact on emergency management.

“Theresa Needham created a meticulous checklist for a new Air Force Instruction, ensuring full compliance and operational efficiency across the Emergency Management Flight and Hanscom Air Force Base,” said Schluckebier.

Additionally, Needham led an All-Hazard Threat Assessment, wrote or coordinated on 30 base-level plans, and revised more than 50 quick reaction checklists for the installation Emergency Operations Center.

All seven winners will now compete at the Air Force level.