BESPIN Introduces New Mobile Security Evaluation for Department of Defense

  • Published
  • By Bradly Clark

MAXWELL AFB GUNTER-ANNEX Ala. -- The Business and Enterprise Systems Product Innovation (BESPIN) team is excited to announce a new capability providing National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) evaluations for the Department of Defense (DoD) mobile applications leveraging BESPIN’s cutting-edge software delivery toolchain.

NIAP is a program within the National Security Agency that establishes security requirements for information technology security. Per DoD policy, all mobile applications that meet certain criteria must undergo NIAP evaluation prior to use.

“Security is critical, and accessibility to tools and resources, such as NIAP evaluations, provide the necessary evaluations that are vital to the U.S. Air Force’s cyber security posture,” said Lt. Col. Tyler Hough, BESPIN Chief Operating Officer. “BESPIN has identified a need for providing NIAP evaluations as an enterprise service and has structured a low cost, ease of access entry point to meet a high-demand, highly critical need.”

Recognizing that many programs are non-compliant and need a fast, cost-effective path to meet DoD policy, BESPIN established two service pathways to become compliant. Programs can request NIAP evaluation as a standalone service offering, providing a specific point-in-time evaluation and a signed memo.

Programs that onboard the fully accredited Mission Delivery as a Service pipeline to receive a Certificate to Field will also inherit the NIAP evaluation and memo upon initial delivery as well as annual renewals.

The NIAP evaluation service is available for Government-off-the-shelf and Commercial-off-the- shelf software, for both Apple and Android applications as well as multiple cross-platform frameworks.

Those who are interested can quickly be added to a pre-negotiated Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) task order for the one-time service.

For more information about this service, email BESPIN at