Mentoring panel highlights leadership, discipline, culture

  • Published
  • By Marisa Alia-Novobilski
  • Air Force Materiel Command

Civilian discipline, workplace relationships, and how to build a culture of inclusion, accountability and fairness were all topics of discussion during the Air Force Materiel Command Civilian Personnel Action Analysis Mentoring Panel, July 25.

Hosted by the CPAA Major Command Barrier Analysis Working Group, the virtual event featured panelists from across the command, representing areas of expertise that include personnel programs and legal as well as diversity, equity, inclusion, and accountability.

The panelists talked about the importance of developing leaders, equitable workplace policies and practices, and shared practical examples of challenges they faced during their career and the lessons learned from each.

“It’s incumbent on leaders to be as transparent as possible,” said Ronald Ratton, AFMC Chief Counsel and event panelist, during opening questions. “Transparency shows trust, and trust is the ultimate enabler of a high-performing workforce where everybody is achieving their full potential.”

The event featured two distinct topical areas, with the first addressing the ongoing efforts of the CPAA team, and the latter addressing the importance of crucial conversations without fear of adverse action, to promote positive conduct and a culture of inclusion and mutual respect. An audience question and answer session rounded out the panel event.

“We, as leaders, operate under a license from those we lead and serve,” said Keith Tickle, Chief DEIA officer at AFMC, addressing a question related to ways in which leaders can promote a positive culture. “We [leaders] bear a huge responsibility to help our employees succeed-- not just perform better, but to become better and perform with purpose.”

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The next virtual mentoring panel will be in Sept. 2023, held in conjunction with Hispanic Heritage Month.