New inclusion program manager strengthens DEIA efforts

  • Published
  • By Lauren Russell, New inclusion program manager strengthens DEIA efforts
  • 66th Air Base Group Public Affairs

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. – Base leaders recently hired an inclusion program manager here as part of Hanscom’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Cell.

Jason DiCosimo will support the DEIA mission to combat harassment or personality conflicts by facilitating proactive conversation, connectedness, and cohesion in the workplace between coworkers as well as management.

“I offer members a chance to bring everyone to the table and voice their concerns so we can work on finding resolutions, without needing to elevate them to a more formal level,” he said.

According to DEIA officials, the IPM will address issues such as harassment, bullying, and microaggressions that don’t typically rise to the level of a clear act of discrimination as defined in federal law, but still need to be addressed to ensure a healthy and inclusive work environment. 

The process gives the complainant an opportunity to have their concerns fully documented and then given back to their commander or director to address and remediate internally.

DiCosimo, who worked previously in the Equal Opportunity office here, said his new position allows him to play a more proactive and engaging role within the workforce by helping others develop strategies to build and maintain cohesive teams.

Leaders can reach out to the IPM to facilitate focus groups within their units to solicit climate feedback in an open and non-threatening environment. They can also use the IPM to evaluate the results of their Defense Organizational Climate Surveys, or DEOCS, and get recommendations on ways to improve those results.

“At the end of the day we want Hanscom Air Force Base to be seen as an employer of choice; a place where professional growth and job satisfaction are high and people feel valued for what they bring to the table each day,” said Steve Ober, Hanscom DEIA chief.

DiCosimo will also work closely with EO representatives and other facets of the DEIA cell to create a synergetic network of support for all, and said he hopes the community will take advantage of what his program has to offer.

“I really enjoy being able to open the door for people and helping ensure their success is based on their merit,” he said. “No one should be denied the opportunity to give something a shot.”

Individuals can contact DiCosimo at