10 tips for Thanksgiving safety

  • Published
  • By Eric T. Hoehn
  • 88th Air Base Wing

This holiday season, many of us will travel to various locations to celebrate all we are thankful for with friends, relatives and loved ones.

Since the time of year’s whole premise is to be thankful — rather than regretful — consider the following travel-safety suggestions to make your holiday memorable for the right reasons:

  • Check the weather forecast.

  • Ensure your vehicle is road-worthy. Have it checked out by a competent mechanic.

  • Allow sufficient time to arrive 15 minutes early at a safe speed.

  • Make sure someone (such as your supervisor or wingman) knows when you intend to leave for your destination and expect to return.

  • Take a map in case traffic is rerouted and a plan B is required.

  • Don’t forget your cellphone.

  • Be prepared for unexpected delays. Keep a warm coat in your vehicle if you are in the habit of dressing for the destination rather than the weather conditions.

  • Assume your fellow drivers may not be as attentive, sober or familiar with the areas they are traveling as you are.

  • Limit the number of destinations as much as possible to avoid drowsy leapfrogging from one feast to another.

  • Be home before the sun sets, if possible.

Look out for one another, make smart travel decisions and enjoy a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving.