Chief rates ‘caring’ first

  • Published
  • By Daryl Mayer, AFLCMC Public Affairs
WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, Ohio (AFLCMC) – “It’s important that you care for the Airmen under your charge.  Without that, in my opinion, everything else can be very futile.  That needs to come first.  You need to care about your folks,” said Chief Master Sgt. Rob Jones, Senior Enlisted Leader for the Cryptologic and Cyber Systems Division.   
With approximately 1,600 personnel located at Joint Base San Antonio and surrounding areas, the division is part of the Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence and Networks Directorate headquartered at Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts.  The division is responsible for lifecycle management for cryptographic, key management and defensive/offensive cyber systems.  It also develops, fields, supports, and sustains current and future Air Force Cryptologic capabilities.

During a recent episode of AFLCMC’s Leadership Log podcast, Jones said there are about 170 enlisted members in the division with a very diverse skill set. 
“Our mission set varies widely,” Jones said.  “We deal with crypto systems as far as fabricating, maintaining and updating those assets.” 
There are also elements of offensive and defensive cyber operations as well as a logistics group responsible for storing, inventory and transportation of classified and unclassified systems, he said.
The unique mission demands place different requirements in terms of work centers across the organization.  Some are required to work in warehouses or secure areas while others may telework depending on their specific mission sets. 
The chief said they look for ways to bring the team together for All-Calls or even their “Olympiad” sports day planned for late October.  The CCSD team also consistently participates in picnics, farewell events, and luncheons.
He also spoke about the need to “communicate, communicate, communicate,” as often as possible. 
“I try to preach this all the time.  There is no such thing as over-communication,” Jones said.  “Stay engaged with your Airmen and then your Airmen stay engaged with you.  It's important that we stay connected and communicate frequently as often as we can.”     
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