Year in Review: FMS and International Partnerships Advance National Defense

  • Published
  • By Jonathan Tharp, AF Security Assistance and Cooperation Directorate
WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE (AFLCMC) – 2021 was an exciting year in Air Force Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and international partnerships. The need for strong relationships and coalitions with allies around the world was never more apparent.

“From humanitarian assistance to adversary deterrence, the U.S. needed support of our international allies across all geographic combatant commands,” explained Brig. Gen. Luke Cropsey, director of Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s (AFLCMC) Air Force Security Assistance and Cooperation Directorate (AFSAC). “The U.S. partners with more than 110 nations and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Alliance organizations on shared regional security interests.”

AFSAC works directly with officers of our foreign partners to strengthen relationships between the U.S. and other countries. Here are some of the big milestones of 2021 that reflect the importance of FMS and international partnerships for the U.S. National Defense Strategy:
  • U.S. and India sign a historic agreement to co-develop and co-produce an Air-Launched Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (ALUAV). This bilateral development was a significant milestone toward a free and open Indo-Pacific. Continue Reading
  • U.S. and NATO establish first FMS case for Kessel Run software used in Ramstein Ambition 21, a military exercise ensuring interoperability between U.S. and NATO partners. Continue Reading
  • U.S. and Poland celebrate the F-16 FMS fleet for the Polish Air Force reaching 100,000 flight hours. This milestone is evidence of a strong partnership between the countries through the NATO Alliance. Together, the United States and Poland maintain a forward posture to defend the Alliance and counter Russia, which continues to undermine the rules-based international order. Click here to read more about the Polish F-16 milestone. Click here to read more about U.S. Security Cooperation with Poland.

​“AFSAC manages the global USAF FMS portfolio valued at more than $229 billion,” added Cropsey. “That number includes all countries and NATO Alliance organizations.” All of the countries and NATO organizations’ cases add up to more than 3,400 FMS cases in various stages of the FMS case life cycle. For more information related to AFSAC, FMS, and international partners, visit this link: