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Upcoming Events

In-Light of COVID-19, the Female Fitment Program events of 2020 may have shifted. Our team is committed and  still working aggressively to provide proper fitting gear for ALL Airmen. 

Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium, Norfolk, VA, Sept. 1-2, 2020 
Aircrew Female Fitment Event / Fitting Female A2CU Prototypes - Late summer
New PT Uniform Fit Check - Late summer 


projects in work

Security Forces Female Body Armor Carrier Vest: 
Program Goal: Assess and procure a modular, scalable, female-specific body armor system that provides maximum protection and increased comfort. 
Status: Three phase assessment of female-specific body armor systems completed. Vest recommendation provided to the Air Force Security Forces Center 28 Feb 2020. Initial vest procurement expected in fall 2020. 

In-Flight Bladder Relief: 
Program Goal: Provide field with functional bladder relief device to encourage healthy hydration habits and safe flight practices while increasing mission effectiveness and minimizing long term health concerns for aircrew.
Status: AF collaborated with Navy to hold Kickoff Events in January for two new system prototypes. Starting an AFWERX Challenge summer 2020 for more innovation. Continuously gathering feedback from field to vector efforts in more agile development process throughout contract. 

Airman Equipment Reporting App (AERO App): 
Program Goal: Provide aircrew with a formal way to report issues with their gear and equipment to requirements owners at ACC, HSPO and HQ. AERO intends to bridge the communication gap between aircrew and equipment decision-makers in a manner that hasn’t been done before.  
Status: The team has accomplished discovery research with a wide variety of USAF stakeholders to influence the design and function of the app. The program will execute a “soft-launch” at four ACC bases introducing program goals and demonstrating the product to aircrew before releasing app to all aircrew. 

Female 2-piece Flight Duty Uniform: 
Program Goal: Provide aircrew FDU in sizing that accommodates female form. 
Status: Air Force Uniform Office designing first ever female-variant of the Army Aircrew Combat Uniform (A2CU-F). Program  executing fit-tests with female aircrew at the end of summer 2020. 

Maternity Flight Suits: 
Program Goal: Provide aircrew FDU that allows aircrew to continue flight currency standards at least through first 28 weeks of pregnancy. 
Status: Air Force Uniform Office is currently developing first design block for 1-Piece Flight Duty Uniform. Program is conducting material testing and will execute fit and burn tests on development prototypes. 

Next Generation Fixed Wing Helmet: 
Program Goal: Provide all aircrew with new fixed-wing helmet. Specific benefits for female aircrew include: more sizes, lighter weight, better protection and better accommodation for female anthropometric needs. 
Status: Rapid prototype development underway utilizing anthropometric data captured at female fitment events. 

Next Generation Ejection Seat: 
Program Goal: Extend weight safety limit to accommodate more aircrew. Specific benefits for female aircrew include new anthropometric range (103lbs to 245 lbs). 


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