Armament Directorate

Acquire and provide all non-nuclear munitions 

Tanker Directorate

Every month, Air Force tankers are responsible for refueling approximately 20,000 aircraft and close to 30 million gallons of fuel world-wide. 

ISR & SOF Directorate

Mobility and Training Aircraft Directorate

PEO Digital Directorate

PEO Digital is responsible for the battle management portfolio as well as for implementing acquisition processes for Agile DevOps software across the Air Force, to include designing and fielding software products, and automating cybersecurity processes.

Business & Enterprise Systems Directorate

Delivering innovative enterprise IT solutions to the Air force, DoD and other Federal Agencies
Providing expert contract , acquisition and program management support
Providing a robust, globally-interconnected network environment where timely data is shared seamlessly among users, applications and platforms

Fighters and Bombers Directorate

Agile Combat Support Directorate

 Agile Combat Support (ACS) Directorate. It is one of 10 Program Executive Officer directorates within the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center. Headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, ACS has other major units at Robins AFB, Ga., and Heath, Ohio. ACS consists of more than 1,700 personnel and over 600 programs that span Wright Patterson AFB as well as 10 additional geographically separated units.


Presidential and Executive Airlift Directorate