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Mission:  Lead the Air Force in delivering Cyberspace Capabilities to the Warfighter

Vision:  Airmen Empowerment Through Cyberspace

"Air Force cyber capabilities are intertwined with the intelligence, command and control, air superiority, personnel recovery and precision attack missions that we are responsible for. This (realignment) streamlines how the Air Force presents forces to joint commanders, and it improves our ability to integrate cyber and air operations to improve our effectiveness in multiple domains.” - General Mike Holmes, Commander Air Combat Command

The redesignation streamlined the operations of AFNIC, the ACC Cyberspace Support Squadron and the 38th Cyberspace Readiness Squadron. With the redesignation, the new CCC will attain a unity of effort that will address inconsistent functions and task alignments across cyber organizations; scalability of resources to meet operational needs; prioritization of demand via multiple requirements processes; and clear delineation of enterprise IT roles from cyber operation missions and non-IT services.


AFLCMC Public Affairs
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH