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AFLCMC Acq Demo Knowledge Center

In light of the recent decision to eliminate tiers within the DoD Civilian Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project (AcqDemo), this resource was created to better inform AFLCMC teammates about the changes.  The knowledge gained through understanding will stimulate employee development by clearly showing employees how to advance in their career through taking on positions of increased responsibility, contribution and performance. 

Leadership PerspectiveLeaders share thoughts on AcqDemo.  
1. Publications

Factors, Descriptors and Descriminators Script

Factors, Descriptors and Descriminators Charts [Read Only]

2. Career Paths

Career Path



   88 ABW       66 ABG   


3. Videos (Primary links are on YouTube, alternate links on SharePoint)

No Tier Decision with Kathy Watern and Sherri Artuso

SharePoint Link

General Career Path
with John Slye

SharePoint Link

LG-LZ with
Lansen Conley

SharePoint Link
AQ-AZ with
Chris Leak

SharePoint Link

COS with
Ann Markman

SharePoint Link
FM-FZ with
Kathy Sowers

SharePoint Link
PK-PZ with
Thomas Robinson

SharePoint Link

DP with Sherri Artuso
and Jennifer Bauer

SharePoint Link
88 ABW with
Greg Leingang

SharePoint Link
88 CPTS with
Steve Northenor

SharePoint Link

88 CG with
Barb Cerny

SharePoint Link

88 CEG with
Amir Mott

SharePoint Link
88 MSG with
Kent Jenkins

SharePoint Link

IP with Mark Myers
and Terrence Reynolds

SharePoint Link
IN with
Col. Allison Galford

SharePoint Link
EN-EZ with
Thomas Fischer

SharePoint Link

66 ABG with
Tom Fredericks

SharePoint Link

Career Planning Podcasts
Professional Fulfillment:            YouTube    SharePoint
Personal Fulfillment:                  YouTube    SharePoint

Pay Pool Podcasts
Pay Pool Overview:                     YouTube    SharePoint
Who Advocates During CCASYouTube    SharePoint
Observing a Pay Pool:                YouTube    SharePoint

Understanding Your Appraisal (CHART)
Understanding Compensation Podcasts
Compensation Strategy                                               YouTube       SharePoint
Sustainable vs Non-sustainable compensation        YouTube       SharePoint

4. Sites (SharePoint sites can be accessed via NIPRNet, VPN or through WebMail for commercial internet) 5. Acq Demo Training