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AFLCMC Acq Demo Knowledge Center

In light of the recent decision to eliminate tiers within the DoD Civilian Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project (AcqDemo), this resource was created to better inform AFLCMC teammates about the changes.  The knowledge gained through understanding will stimulate employee development by clearly showing employees how to advance in their career through taking on positions of increased responsibility, contribution and performance. 

AFMC/CC Perspective:
Rightfully so, our recent attention has been and will continue to be on taking care of our Airmen and their Families as our nation faces the challenge of dealing with COVID-19.  Having said that, I want you to also know we haven’t lost focus on working other initiatives to implement suggestions previously raised by the field that help take care of our Airmen.  
As we continue to dig into all the inputs from the AFMC We Need Survey and feedback on how to make AFMC an even better place to work, I will periodically share updates on changes being implemented.  Based on your inputs and analysis associated with the last three years under the Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project (AcqDemo), AFMC is eliminating the use of control points (referred to as “tiers”) within the broadband levels.  We are putting a plan in place to eliminate tiers as part of the FY20 AcqDemo CCAS Cycle that began 1 October 2019.    Our A1 team will provide further information to the field as it becomes available. 
Thanks again for providing us great feedback to build the AFMC We Need!  I trust our AcqDemo workforce finds this non-COVID-19 update useful.  With regards to the latter, I am again impressed daily with the professionalism displayed by AFMC Airmen as you carry out our Air Force’s and Nation’s Mission while taking care of Airmen and Families in the face of COVID-19. 
-- Gen. Arnold W. Bunch, Jr., AFMC Commander

AFLCMC/CC Perspective:
Last week, Gen Bunch announced the elimination of Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project (AcqDemo) tiers as part of the FY20 cycle.  This is a direct result of your feedback… we listened and now the Command responded to your inputs. Our Executive Director, Ms. Kathy Watern, will personally lead a team to transition the Center to fully embrace the program as designed with our AcqDemo workforce in mind. My intent is that upon implementation, AFLCMC will have an AcqDemo program that bolsters the personal and professional development of our workforce, with clear career paths that better enable you to understand how your contributions to the mission are assessed, recognized, and rewarded.
You will hear from Ms. Watern and Center leadership in the coming weeks as we roll out implementation, including an online site to provide a single source of information.  I am proud of the progress our Center has made to utilize AcqDemo as designed.  Our goal is to retain, recognize, and reward employees while supporting their personal and professional growth. I look forward to this next phase.
Thanks again for what you do.  Because of your efforts, our nation will persevere and continue to be the world's best air, space, and cyberspace force.
-- Lt. Gen. Robert D. McMurry, AFLCMC Commander
AFLCMC/CA Perspective:
You have likely heard we started transitioning to a no-tier AcqDemo program.  This change is a direct result of your feedback through various means.  Coupled with experience and analysis from the past four AcqDemo cycles, now is the right time for this transition.  We are proud of the professionalism displayed by employees, supervisors and pay pools to ensure a strong contribution-management system is in place for the workforce – AcqDemo is here for the long term and ours to shape and embrace!
As we make this change in the Center, we are committed to keep the lines of communication open and transparent as we move forward to full implementation.  Over the next four months, AcqDemo no-tier topics will be introduced and explored through various media sources.  Some of these no-tier topics will be new and some may be a refresh, but all will be geared towards informing you on how we will collectively implement this change across the Center.  The planned schedule is as follows:
- May: AcqDemo in Review (https://youtu.be/X3inroNQfg8) – Link can be accessed on commercial internet.
- June: Career Path Models (illustrate how employees can advance up the career path ladder)
- July: Classification & Staffing (discuss how a person’s position, career path factors and factor descriptors, and an employee’s inputs interact)
- August: Pay Pool Process Overview (break down the pay pool processes plus the importance of contributions)
- September: Compensation (simplify the more technical aspects of AcqDemo such as Standard Pay Lines and how they work, compensation strategy, types of contributions, and how to interpret appraisals)
Please be on the lookout for the before mentioned communications as we work hard to keep you informed and answer all of your AcqDemo questions.  Thanks for all you do every day to make ours the world's best air, space and cyberspace force!
-- Kathy L. Watern, AFLCMC Executive Director

1. Publications

Factors, Descriptors and Descriminators Script

Factors, Descriptors and Descriminators Charts [Read Only]

2. Career Paths

Career Path



   88 ABW       66 ABG   


3. Videos (Primary links are on YouTube, alternate links on SharePoint)

No Tier Decision with Kathy Watern and Sherri Artuso

General Career Path
with John Slye

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LG-LZ with
Lansen Conley

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AQ-AZ with
Chris Leak

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COS with
Ann Markman

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FM-FZ with
Kathy Sowers

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PK-PZ with
Thomas Robinson

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DP with Sherri Artuso
and Jennifer Bauer

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88 ABW with
Greg Leingang

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88 CPTS with
Steve Northenor

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88 CG with
Barb Cerny

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88 CEG with
Amir Mott

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88 MSG with
Kent Jenkins

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IP with Mark Myers
and Terrence Reynolds

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IN with
Col. Allison Galford

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EN-EZ with
Thomas Fischer

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4. Sites (SharePoint sites can be accessed via NIPRNet, VPN or through WebMail for commercial internet)
  5. Acq Demo Training